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Happy Hour Meeting at Tacoma Yacht Club!

September's General Meeting will be Wednesday, September 18th at 5:00 at the Yacht Club

Hear from the amazing Puget Sound Pilot's Association

Wednesday, September 18th 5:00 TYC

The mission of the Pilots is to ensure against the loss of lives, loss of or damage to property and vessels, and to protect the marine environment by maintaining efficient and competent pilotage service on our State’s inland waters within the Puget Sound Pilotage District.
Protecting Puget Sound since 1935.


PSP members are highly skilled, specially trained ship captains who board oil tankers, cargo vessels and cruise ships to guide them safely through Puget Sound waters. Our pilots are independent professionals who work on behalf of the citizens of Washington State.


Their expertise and commitment to excellence has produced an unparalleled safety record of more than 200,000 sailings over the last 25 years without a major incident.

October's General Meeting

Hear from the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary at the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum

Wednesday, October 9th at 11:30

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is one of 13 marine sanctuaries in the United States. Located off Washington’s outer coast, the sanctuary works with coastal communities to ensure healthy fisheries and shellfish populations by providing vital research and education on ocean issues.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary includes 3,188 square miles of marine waters off the rugged Olympic Peninsula coastline. The sanctuary extends 25 to 50 miles seaward, covering much of the continental shelf and several major submarine canyons. The sanctuary protects a productive upwelling zone – home to marine mammals and seabirds. Along its shores are thriving kelp and intertidal communities, teeming with fishes and other sea life. In the darkness of the seafloor, scattered communities of deep sea coral and sponges form habitats for fish and other important marine wildlife.

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